Level Up Radiology with AI

With an incidence of 1.4 M worldwide, prostate cancer and its detection make up a significant amount of the work of a radiologist. Since MRI scans of the prostate prior to biopsy are highly recommended, capacities to handle the increasing workload need to be created.
Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to take prostate cancer diagnostics to a new level, providing faster, high-quality and time-efficient diagnoses.
AI and machine learning technologies facilitate the workflow by assisting in diagnosis, management and treatment of a wide variety of medical conditions, prostate cancer being one of them.

Based on this knowledge, the company FUSE-AI has developed a software that creates voxel-wise segmentations of the prostate, its zones and suspicious lesions.

Benefits of Prostate.Carcinoma.ai plug-in in mint Lesion

Simplify and speed up prostate screening according to PI-RADS 2.1

- Fully automated 3D segmentation of the prostate in MR T2 weighted images
- Detection and segmentation of prostate lesions in MR T2 weighted images
- Automatic mapping of lesions to the prostate lesion scheme

Light weighted integration via DICOM communication

- Image data is transferred back via DICOM segmentation objects

Extension possibilities

- New use cases can be integrated seamlessly without extending the communication interface

Are you interested in redefining medical image analysis with us?

Prostate.Carcinoma.ai will be available in fall 2022

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